Streamlining Fabrication Shops with Enterprise Resource Planning

If you own or manager a fabrication shop then this ebook is for you. This free 24-page ebook will guide you through understanding how an ERP for fabrication shops can increase productivity as well, what it takes to implement a system.

10 Steps to Successfully Deploying ERP in Fabrication Shops

This 24 page ebook outlines 10 steps that are critical for organizations in order to successfully implement ERP. In addition to discussing the important steps to take, it also highlights the errors to avoid. As ERP implementation means different things to different companies, there are no cookie-cutter solutions. However, this ebook provides a step-by-step guide of general suggestions - complete with concrete examples - of how best to get the most of the technology.

Chapters include:

  1. Professional Project Management
  2. Select Your Team and Empower Team Leaders
  3. Be Open to Change
  4. Get User Buy-In
  5. Prepare Your Staff
  6. Ensure that Laptops, Desktops, Servers and Networks are Solid
  7. Identify Super-Users
  8. Don’t Skimp on Training
  9. Set Realistic Expectations
  10. Listen to Your Staff
There are many benefits stemming from implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in an organization. It can solve challenges specific to the organization, it can increase the return on investment, and it can provide increased inefficiencies.

There are also benefits that are not as easily measurable such as better communication, improved decision making, and better performance from employees. However, before proceeding with ERP implementation, businesses must be sure they have researched in full, understand the process, and have realistic expectations of the program.

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