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Implementing barcoding in NAV using mobile WMS

Implementing barcoding in NAV using mobile WMS

You are invited to attend an exclusive webinar for integrators of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Learn how NAV professionals are delivering more value to their clients by addressing warehouse mobile data collection opportunities.

Clients that use NAV, but lack a suitable mobile WMS solution, often suffer from:

  • Inaccuracy in warehouse transactions;
  • Inefficient operations due to manual tracking; and
  • High overhead costs.

Join Insight Works' CEO Mark Hamblin, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, as he showcases how leading integrators deliver significant value to new and existing clients through NAV configuration.

What you'll learn by viewing the webcast:

  • Get real-time access to NAV warehouse, inventory and production data on the shop floor;
  • Perform all inventory and management operations from handheld devices for any NAV configuration;
  • Use the same device for any location configuration, including non-mandatory bins and directed pick;
  • Capture lot and serial numbers for any transaction;
  • Use License Plating to streamline warehouse operations;
  • How to leverage cameras on devices for quality management; and
  • Easily customize views and menus using the App Designer.


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Implementing barcoding in NAV using mobile WMS
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"I find Insight Works webinars well worth my time. The speakers are experienced and the topics are well presented. I've attended several online presentations and always came away with new ideas."

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